Roussikaya Gazeta: “Syria will witness a merciless storm .. The Syrian army prepared a surprise!

Russian newspaper “Rosiskaya Gazeta” reported that the Syrian army prepared a surprise for the terrorists!

“The surprise prepared by the Syrian army is rocket-propelled grenades, known as “Uragan” (storm), which weighs 270 kilograms.

The newspaper pointed out that the monitoring of trucks loaded with rocket-propelled grenades as well as its launchers in the northern province of Hama.

The “Uragan” rockets, along with the Smirch rockets, are the major force in the Syrian army’s artillery and it’s the main force among its arsenals, which the army benefits from in every major operation.

The “Uragan” were reported in Syria before the war began.

At the beginning of 2014, information emerged about its use in combat operations for the first time.

The “Uragan” rockets launchers were manufactured in the last century in the Soviet Union, but are still considered to be among the most powerful rockets launchers in the world.

It can target the enemy with 16, 220mm rockets weighing between 256 and 280 kg, with a range of 35 kilometers, and placed on the Zell-135LM trucks, which speed of 65 kilometers per hour.