Lieberman: Assad plans to rebuild the Syrian army as a greater force than it was before the Syrian war

Israel’s fear and concern over the growing strength and danger of the Syrian army, having almost completely resolved the war in the country in its favor while strengthening its capability and providing it with modern and sophisticated weapons, was a statement made by former Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman last year.

“Syrian President Bashar Al Assad is not satisfied with the restoration of control over southern Syria and intends to rebuild the Syrian army to a greater force than it was during the war in his country”, Lieberman said.

“We believe that the Syrian army is not satisfied with the control of all the Syrian territory, but it is clear that the construction of a new large-scale army of land will return to its former dimensions and beyond”, Lieberman said, who relied on the reports of the Military Intelligence Division.

Lieberman’s remarks came in an interview with a group of journalists after watching a military exercise of the IDF’s armored corps in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.

Lieberman added that the armored Israeli weapon, which played a key role in stopping the surprise Syrian attack in the Yom Kippur War of 1973, remained necessary to preserve and defend Israel.

He explained: Armored Corps was the main force of the Israeli army in every ground operation, as he says.

In the context of the continuation of the Israeli army to any possible confrontation with the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Israeli army announced the launch of a new military action targeting Hezbollah, with the beginning of the new year 2019, according to the Israeli website “Israel Defense”, a specialist in security and military, quoting high sources in Israel, that the Israeli army announced the launch of a new reserve battalion to intervene quickly in front of “Hezbollah”, after fear of entering the “Hezbollah” in a sudden military confrontation with the Israeli army.

The Israeli website, citing sources, that there are basic objectives behind the launch of the new military battalion, including the real fear of the growing influence of “Hezbollah” in Lebanon, and increased cooperation and coordination with Syria, stressing at the same time that the launch of this battalion is basically him A defensive basis in the face of Hezbollah in any possible confrontation.