When British special forces die by US missiles in Syria!

Russian news paper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” published an article for writer, Alexander Sharekowski, who wrote about the use of US missiles in the attack on British Special Forces soldiers in Syria.

According to the article: No British media has confirmed after Syrian Al Watan newspaper reported the killing of five soldiers of the 22nd Special Task Force of the British Armed Forces.

Earlier, the Guardian, The Telegraph, Morning Star and other newspapers in UK reported that two British soldiers were seriously wounded and a Kurdish volunteer was killed in a shootout by jihadists.

It was pointed out that the Islamists used American-made anti-tank missiles.

The British press and the public reacted sharply to the fact that British soldiers were targeted by anti-tank missiles produced in America.

The former United Kingdom ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, confirmed that the arms were supplied by the United States under the program of supporting the moderate opposition in Syria in 2015 and were resold to the state.

The Guardian, Telegraph and Morning Star reported.

The arms supply to the Syrian rebels was part of a CIA secret operation launched during the term of former US President Barack Obama in 2013 at the suggestion of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then-CIA chief David Petraeus.

A complex chain was built to supply the weapon.

In addition, the United States and Saudi Arabia bought weapons from EU countries through private companies that entered into contracts with government agencies.

The published material speaks of the inadmissibility of the British commandos being killed by US weapons in Syria at a time when they are fighting in a US-led coalition and turning with their colleagues from the Pentagon without Damascus destroying the Islamic state.

There is an urgent need for the withdrawal of British troops from Syria.

In addition, there have been a number of reports of individual incidents, from the collusion of some of the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces with the militants of the “Black Caliphate”.

The question is: Should the events described not be the beginning of the collapse of the international anti-dwindling coalition, what could shake the foundations of NATO’s existence?