The SDF announce their full control of most important areas of the Islamic state remaining, and reject the plan of “safe zone” under the control of Turkey along the Syrian border side with Turkey

The Syria Democratic Forces, which is a coalition of Arab-Kurdish factions backed by Washington, announced on Tuesday its control of the eastern town of Al Sousah, where the ISIS control has become limited to a small enclave.

Last September, the Syria Democratic Forces launched an offensive against the last strongholds of the Islamic state in the eastern sector of Deir Al Zour, on the border with Iraq, with air support from the US-led international coalition.

Despite counter-attacks by Islamic state fighters, the alliance of Arab and Kurdish factions managed to control the bulk of its strongholds.

The announcement of Syria democratic forces of the control the entire town of Al Sousah and its surrounding areas, where the remaining fighters of the Islamic state control the town of Al Bagouz Fawqani and some small villages and residential communities connected with it, which is a combined area of ​​about 15 square kilometers.

The SDF took control of the town after the withdrawal of the Islamic state fighters to the remaining areas under their control.

Al Sousah is the largest town under the control of the Islamic state, about 120 fighters from the Islamic state surrendered to Syria democratic forces on Tuesday.

The fighting, which began in September last year, killed more than 1,000 fighters among the Islamic state, more than 600 in the Syria democratic forces, with more than 360 civilians in the battles in eastern Euphrates are.

The organization of the Islamic state and after its rise in 2014, managed to control vast areas in Syria and Iraq, and receded territory after the battles on various fronts against government forces in Syria and Iraq in addition to the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the International Coalition, and today is limited to small areas east Euphrates, in addition to a section of the Syrian desert stretching from the center of the country to Deir Al Zour, where sporadic confrontations between the Islamic State fighters on the one hand and Syrian government forces and their allies on the other.

Despite the decline of the area under the Islamic State control continues, they still launching attacks in the countries of the region and abroad.

On the other hand, the SDF rejected on Wednesday the proposal to establish a “safe zone” area under Turkish control along the Syrian side of the border between the two countries.

“We can draw a line between Turkey and northern Syria by bringing in UN troops to keep peace and security, or pressure Turkey not to attack our regions”, Kurdish leader Aldar Khalil told AFP.

“The other options cannot be accepted because they affect Sovereignty of Syria and the sovereignty of our own administration”.

The safe zone, which was talked about between US and Turkish presidents, that supposed to be done by Turkey along the border with Syria, will extend over 460 kilometers and a depth of 32 kilometers; will include cities and towns from three Syrian provinces, Aleppo, Raqqa and Hasaka.

The most important areas in the safe area were the areas north of the line between the villages of Srin (Aleppo) and Ain Issa (Raqqa governorate).

The safe area we be also includes the city of Qamishli, the towns of Ras Al Ain, Tal Tamr, Darbasiya, Amouda, Wardiya, Tal Hamis, Al Qahtaniya, Al Yarobia and Al Malikiya.

The region will also include Ain Al Arab (Kobane) (Aleppo governorate) and Tall Abyad (Raqqa).

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey would establish along its border with Syria a safe area 20 miles deep (32 kilometers).

It is worth mentioning that the idea of ​​the safe zone area was first introduced by Turkey during the visit of the Turkish President to Washington in May 2013, and the safe area aims to protect civilians fleeing the conflict in Syria.