Russian Red Berets are on the rise in Syria?

After US President Donald Trump announced the decision to withdraw his troops from Syria, and the subsequent reactions of the US first and regional second, especially by the Turkish, highlights a new development in the Syrian scene, according to observers.

Where they see that the intensification of Russia’s presence through the military police gives a signal that Washington evacuated the northern square of the Russian.

In this context, a battalion consisting of three companies consisting of hundreds of Russian soldiers was sent, linked to an increase in the number of Russian control points in the area of ​​reducing the escalation in Idlib.

While observers see that the presence of the red hats “the Russian military police” in the north and the intensification of numbers may mean that Moscow will not allow the launch of major military action in those areas, especially Manbij, Russians are communicating with the Kurds, and some sources say that Moscow is mediating the Kurds with Damascus.

While others wonder about the Turkish reaction to this, what will Ankara do, especially since Trump changed his stance against them, and stressed the possibility of developing economic cooperation with Turkey, does this mean that Washington wants Ankara to be against the Russian in the north of Syria?

What about the Kurds will America allow Russia to enter them and kidnapping them from the American lap, “according to some”.

Some activists conclude by saying that Russia will reach an agreement with Turkey, the latter will not re-enter into its relations with Moscow.

A settlement may be reached that satisfies Ankara, America, Russia and Syria.

We don’t think the escalation will be within the northern Syrian landscape, especially in Munbij and SDF.