A new Israeli air strike: Israeli aircraft fired missiles towards the vicinity of Damascus and hit a warehouse near Damascus International Airport and Syrian air defenses dropped most of the fired missiles

The Syrian Arab news agency reported that Israeli warplanes fired missiles into the vicinity of Damascus on Friday and Syrian air defenses dropped most of them.

The agency quoted a military source as saying: “At exactly 23:15 (Damascus time) Israeli warplanes coming from the direction of the Galilee fired several missiles at the vicinity of Damascus, and immediately intercepted by Syrian air defense.

Syrian news agency, SANA added the most of the hostile missiles were dropped down by Syrian defenses and there is only one missile a warehouse near the Damascus International Airport, and loses were limited.

An AFP correspondent in Damascus heard several explosions, were mostly obviously the introspected missiles.

On the other hand, Sources in the Syrian opposition said Saturday that the Israeli bombardment of the capital city of Damascus on Friday evening targeted an Iranian cargo plane.

The sources, who asked not to be named, told the German news agency: “The Israeli bombardment targeted an Iranian cargo plane carrying weapons upon arrival at Damascus airport and the start of the unloading of the plane, and that more than 20 people, the crew of the plane were killed and wounded in addition to a number of Syrian soldiers”.

The sources confirmed that “the plane was completely destroyed and damaged a number of buildings at Damascus International Airport”.

The report was not confirmed by an official or independent source.

Israeli planes fired more than 10 rockets at Damascus International Airport and military sites in the town of Keswa, south of Damascus.

Syrian media sources said that “the Israeli bombing destroyed three Iranian aircraft at Damascus International Airport”.

In recent months, Israel has repeatedly bombed military installations of the Syrian regime or its allies near the Syrian capital.

The capital, Damascus, was hit by Israeli air strikes on Dec. 25, a long arms depot of government forces north of Damascus.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced at the time that Israel fired 16 missiles, the Syrian army dropped 14 of them.