Bolton and his accompanying delegation to Ankara were not beautiful … Erdogan rejects Bolton meeting … Bolton made a serious mistake with his statements about Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that US national security adviser John Bolton had made a serious mistake in his statements about Syria, pointing to the end of Turkey’s readiness for a military operation in Syria.

Erdogan said: “We cannot accept the statements of US national security adviser John Bolton in” Israel “on Syria … Bolton made his recent statements a serious mistake, that Ankara agreed to protect Washington’s Kurdish allies in Syria, criticizing allegations of targeting Turkey to the Kurds, seamy”.

Erdogan stressed that his country cannot give up in the case of units to protect the Syrian Kurdish people.

Demanding a new condition for the withdrawal of the US from Syria, adding that Turkey cannot give up in the issue of units to protect the Syrian Kurdish people.

Erdogan said that “despite the existence of a clear agreement with President Donald Trump, there are other elements in his administration take different positions”.

The Turkish president pointed out that his country has completed the full preparations for launching a military currency in Syria and will start it soon, adding that the process is “to protect the population and the unity of Syria”, “Turkey is the one that bore the brunt of the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Erdogan said that the PKK cannot be a representative of the Kurds, and that the units of protection of the Kurdish people, two sides of the same coin.

Erdogan said that SDF fighting ISIS in Syria is only a “big lie”.

US Secretary of State John Bolton’s visit to Turkey to discuss details of the US withdrawal from Syria, the Kurdish issue and some other issues was discussed by US National Security Advisor John Bolton and the US army Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford and James Jeffrey, the US envoy to Syria and the US envoy to coalition forces against the state.

Turkish media reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to meet US national security adviser John Bolton and that the latter decided to leave Turkey after meeting with presidential spokesman and political assistant Ibrahim Kalin Tuesday.

This development follows Erdogan’s protest over Bolton’s recent remarks about Syria in Israel, which he considered a “grave mistake”.

Turkey also announced immediately after the meeting with the US delegation Tuesday that it expects the United States to recover the weapons it handed over to the Kurdish fighters in Syria to fight the jihadists.

“What we expect is to recover all the weapons that have been delivered”, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told a news conference after meeting US national security adviser John Bolton.

“They have told us they are working on that, but the details will be clearer in the coming days”, Kalin said, adding that there was no “acceptable alternative” for Turkey to recover the weapons.

Bolton and Kalin held talks Tuesday in Ankara on the US withdrawal from northern Syria, which was announced by President Donald Trump abruptly last month.

The announcement raised questions about the fate of units protecting the Kurdish people, which are fighting Islamic state organization on the ground, but Ankara considers it a “terrorist organization” and threatens to attack it.

Kalin categorically denied on Tuesday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had pledged to his US counterpart Donald Trump to ensure the security of Kurdish fighters after the US withdrawal from Syria, as Mike Pompeo announced Monday.

“President Erdogan promised President Trump when we discussed how it should be – that the Turks continue the campaign against the Islamic state after our departure and that they are keen to be the men we fought with, help us in the campaign against the organization of the Islamic state protected”.

“With regard to Pompeo’s statements, it is absolutely inconceivable that such a guarantee was given during talks (between Erdogan and Trump) or through other channels”, Kalin said.

“No one should expect Turkey to give guarantees to a terrorist organization”.