An American teacher who has been offered a job in the “Islamic State” in Syria ends up in prison

Syria Democratic forces arrested a US citizen who joined the Islamic State, a 34 year old Christopher Clark.

The American “Clark” was arrested on the battlefield with four other foreign fighters in the last pocket controlled by ISIS in eastern Syria.

According to the SDF media center in, which published the information and the names of the five detainees:

Warren Christopher Clark, nicknamed “Abu Mohammed Al Amriki” from Houston, TX – USA.

Alexander Rosatovic from Dublin, Ireland.

Zaid Abdel Hamid, nicknamed “Abu Zaid Al Amriki” from the United States of America.

Fadel Al Rahman Jad, nicknamed “Abu Enaam Al Muhajir” from Lahore – Pakistan.

Abdul Azim Ratchout, nicknamed “Abu Omar Al Pakistani” from Sialkot – Pakistan.

The story of “Christopher Clark” looks strange.

He came to Syria after sending his resume to ISIS to apply for work as an Engilish teacher.

His resume was accompanied by a cover letter saying: “I am looking for a job teaching English to students in the Islamic state”.

“A successful teacher is one who can understand the strengths and weaknesses of a student and can use this understanding to help students build and understand English”, said Clarke, a teacher in Texas with experience in education.

The American teacher “Clark” who joined the Islamic State has already worked in Saudi Arabia as an English teacher, later he moved to teach in Turkey, which appears to be that he has gone through complete stages of “jihad” formation.

Clark’s resume ends in 2015, which prompted the New York Times, which published the news, to say that he had probably joined ISIS on that date.