Democrat Nancy Pelosi holds the US House of Representatives for the second time to start a new era in Washington in the face of Trump

Democrat Nancy Pelosi was reelected Thursday as speaker of the US House of Representatives, in a historic return to the third highest position in US politics.

At the age of 78, she will be the first opposition to Republican President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly clashed with him, returning to the position she held between 2007 and 2010 when she became the first woman in American history to take over.

The new US Congress, which includes a record number of women and members of minority groups, held its first session on Thursday amid a split between Democrats who control the House and Republicans, who have boosted the majority in the Senate.

In the new Congress, Nancy Pelosi, for the second time, took the post of speaker of the House of Representatives, who moved to the Democrats’ control to chart a new era in Washington with more of the troubled presidency of Donald Trump.

Amid applause, US Vice President Mike Pence presided over the first Senate swearing-in ceremony.

After her election, Pelosi confirmed that she had no illusions about the upcoming challenges to Republican President Donald Trump and a divided Congress, but at the same time promised to work respectfully.

“We have no illusions. Our work will not be easy,” Pelosi said in a speech to the new council.

“But we promise that when we do not agree, we will respect one another and respect the truth”.

Pelosi won 220 of the 435 votes, but it seem unlikely that this cooperation between the two parties is unlikely as Trump continues to insist that Congress approve a $ 5 billion plan to finance the construction of the wall to stop illegal immigration, while Democrats are unlikely to bow to his request.

“He is ready and ready to work with the Democrats,” Trump said Thursday.

“The only closure is the presidential election of 2020”, he tweeted.

“The Democrats know that they cannot win all Trumps’ achievements yet”, he said, “so they are aggressively attacking the wall and the border security that is so necessary and bothering the presidency.

Things for them are limited to politics”.

Democrats are likely to restrain the administration, which they believe has overstepped power and abused power in nearly two years since Trump was installed.

They will have that opportunity when congressional committees are set up by lawmakers and promised to investigate issues including Trump’s taxes and his removal to Justice Minister Jeff Sessions and his relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They pointed out that Trump would face a series of investigations that could hinder the work of the White House, which is currently beset by the investigation of Robert Mueller on the complicity of the Trump campaign with Russia.

The mid-term elections led to the departure of dozens of Republicans from Congress in November, but the Trump party managed to slightly increase the majority in the Senate by 53 to 47, meaning that the escalation of the row in Washington would be almost certain.

One of the first tasks of the 116th Congress was to end the partial government paralysis that led to the closure of a quarter of federal agencies.

Trump said he would not sign the budget if it did not include $ 5.6 billion to build the wall.

Pelosi has introduced new measures to fund the administration, but noted that it “doesn’t include new funding for the wall”, a move rejected by the White House and Senate Republican leaders.

Washington will also face the threat of isolating the president, and some Democrats are almost certain to put in place measures to isolate Trump from office.

Although the Democrats believe some of Trump’s actions could amount to “serious crimes”, Pelosi has played down the chances of his dismissal, telling the US version of L magazine that the move “will cause severe divisions … I will not push that trend”.